The lake at the base (which truly lies almost directly south of Pagoda Mountain) is Keplinger Lake. McHenrys Notch Loop If such a list doesn't exist, you're probably the best qualified person to create one. All Rights Reserved. within 100 mi. I love the lines to Pagoda. The Glacier Gorge is the stunning, granite slab- and waterfall-laden basin in the center of the park bounded by the Continental Divide on the west and south and the Longs Peak … Longs from Pagoda‘s summit and my descent route. Longs Grand Slam. Pagoda from Longs Peak, Pagoda, Chiefs Head, and Keyboard of the Winds, Mt. Headlamp on as another car rolled into the parking lot. Pagoda from Glacier Gorge. Meeker, Longs Peak and Pagoda Peak is probably the most spectacular place I've been in my whole life. 1. tehchad. Most climbed peaks Popular peaks. Longs to Pagoda: Your goal from the summit of longs is to get to the saddle between Longs and Pagoda, this means you need to get below the narrows. Meeker . Unsure of the best mode of travel up this steepening fifth class oddity we begin scrambling unroped in our trailrunners. Longs Peak (Arapaho: Neníisótoyóú’u) is a high and prominent mountain in the northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is not only the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder County, but it is also the 15th highest peak in Colorado. When it came back from the lab I was surprised at how good it turned out. Fantastic job, man. Well, what can I say but thanks much Aaron! Longs Peak Grand Slam 3. A slightly less sick concoction. See the ROUTE PAGE for more details. I would say this stands in my mind as one of the most secluded and beautiful lakes in the park. On the descent, there's a short 3rd Class section through a cliff-band at 13,250'. Read this for the first time sitting here in New Jersey. By using the information provided, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and the report author(s) with respect to any claims and demands against them, including any attorney fees and expenses. A very worthy destination, but all approaches require at least 2.5+ miles of off trail hiking and bushwhacking. Pagoda Mountain & Longs Peak. Meeker in Wild Basin Advertisement: After several fatal accidents in RMNP since June 2018, I feel obligated to mention that the day before I started this trip there was a fatality on Mt. Longs Peak 14,255 4:19 5.5 Pagoda Mountain 13,497 5:23 6.4 Chief’s Head Peak 13,579 7:13 7.4 We looked the ground over carefully and picked out the most promising break in the cliff. Furthermore. 314 summits. RMNP rangers estimate only 25 to 75 climbers summit Pagoda each year. (13,497'), Storm Peak (13,326'), and Mount Lady Washington (13,281'). Wild Basin Traverse - complete! The easiest way can be tricky to find from above; approximate location is 40.2526 N, 105.6214 W. It's close proximity to Denver and its pure majesty make it the most popular climbing mountain in the state. Notice the jagged ridge above called "The Keyboard of the Winds," that forms a connecting ridge between Pagoda and Longs Peak. Thinking of doing it early enough to still have some snow though. Pagoda Mountain (13,497-ft) resides within the protected boundaries of Rocky Mountain National Park, or as some of us say “The Park.” This elegant mountain is.7 miles southwest of Longs Peak (14,255-ft) and.8 miles east of Chief’s Head Peak (13,579-ft.) Congrats on a great climb and a full day. Evans, Mt. Please read the Safety and Disclaimer pages for more information. Longs Peak, Pagoda, and Chief's Head Peak from the summit of Mchenry's Peak. Longs Peak Torreys Peak Grays Peak Mt. Descend the Homestretch on Long's Peak, continue descending to the Long's/Pagoda col, and scramble up to Pagoda. I'm honored to know the guy that took the picture in my scrapbook, and call him a friend. Mummy Kill 6 Peak Version 5. North Buttress on Pagoda. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association used it as a banner on one of their newsletters. —On the southwest side of Longs Peak, facing Pagoda, is a long cliff of black rock, 50 to 100 feet high, but broken by gullies near the center of the cliff like stretch. From the summit of Longs Peak descend down the home stretch to the red sign where you would get onto the narrows. The Trough still contains some snow in this late August photo. They could see the ridge between Pagoda and Longs Peak, but were forced to retreat. In our bushwhacking, we took a slightly different path than what we had done the day before, this time sticking more to Hunters Creek, which turned out to only make our bushwhacking descent longer. Longs Peak: Loft (with Meeker, Pagoda, and Storm). Mummy Kill 8 Peak Version 4. Hope I can even come close to it for just Meeker and Longs. Longs Peak, Pagoda, and Chief's Head Peak from the summit of Mchenry's Peak. From the Longs/Pagoda saddle it was about a twenty minute hike to the summit of Pagoda. Longs Peak Pagoda Mtn Storm Pk B Lady Washington, Mt Battle Mountain (12044) Estes Cone (11006) 08/01/2020: 08/03/2020: 22 : 21: 17: Front Range 14ers in 3 Days By: SpeedWalker. I had done all of the Longs Peak group peaks, as well as everything in and around Wild Basin- Pagoda and Longs would close two lists. The Longs Grand Slam. Longs Peak Grand Slam. and the author(s) of this report provide no warranties, either express or implied, that the information provided is accurate or reliable. Peak(s): Longs Peak, Torreys Peak, Grays Peak, Mt. Hiking info, trail maps, and 4 trip reports from Pagoda Mountain (13,497 ft) in the Front Range of Colorado. Camp in Hunters Creek below Pagoda Peak, Longs Peak, and Mt. According to Mountain Project, the Glacier Gorge Traverse is rated as 5.7 difficulty and described as very exposed, including summits of Longs Peak (14,259') and Pagoda Mountain (13,497'). Not registered. The image below shows the route to pagoda. I have wanted to get up there for almost two years, and this weekend it … Caution: The information contained in this report may not be accurate and should not be the only resource used in preparation for your climb. jlarson630. Pagoda Mountain, Keyboard of the Winds, and Longs Peak via Glacier Gorge: Pagoda Mountain: 6.8 miles one way, 4317 foot gain (9180-13497). The rock is highly featured, incredibly solid, and confidence inspiring but the exposure along this very narrow ridge is quite intimidating. The last question is the easiest; Gerry Roach in his classic Colorado 14ers guidebook suggests a Longs Peak Grand Slam in which you climb Longs Peak and it's four satellite summits in one huge day: Mount Meeker (13,911'), Longs Peak (14,255'), Pagoda Mtn. Good to see you around again. Longs Peak Radical Slam 2. I had wandered away from the actual summit to check out the ridge connecting to Arrowhead, looked back and saw my friend standing there, casually composed and snapped one shot. Thanks BJ. Longs Peak. This route follows the trail northwest from the trailhead and through many beautiful meadows to Snell Park. I'm sure that it would get a lot of attention, and maybe generate some grand ideas for some wild adventures. mlayman09. Valesia. Nelson-When I first saw this picture during one of my earliest visis to SP, I was stunned and impressed. Now that picture is very special. Evans Longs Peak from the south. Up to low fifth class, but can be kept in second or third by skirting the cliff faces near the bottom of the couloir. Even fewer climb the the seven 13,000-foot towers along the ridge adjoining Pagoda with Longs Peak, known as Keyboard of the Winds. By 1022, we were all packed up, and it was time to begin our descent. Long's Peak stands proudly as Colorado's northernmost fourteener. Wild Basin is my favorite area of the whole park and represents National Parks at their best: jaw dropping scenery and few people if you're willing to work for it.The Hunters Creek area directly behind Mt. That equates to 16-18 miles and approximately 8,000 vertical feet of gain. Now I want to return and redo the shot even better... © 2006-2020 (All the slopes surrounding it are glacially eroded cirques, and the peak is a pyramidal prominence, not just a high point on a ridge.) The idea and the reality- Pagoda, Longs, Keyboard. The climb consists of tagging all seven peaks in the Longs’ massif in one big push: Meeker > Longs > Pagoda > Storm > Lady Washington > Battle Mtn. andrewrose. July in March on Meeker & Longs. Thumbnails for uploaded photos (click to open slideshow): Using your forum id/password. Of course I am very pleased to read what you have to say here. Thanks for sharing it and being there, even though it was an unwitting thing on your part. Look at the ridge that joins Longs Peak to Pagoda Mountain, and the ridge that joins Longs Peak to Storm Peak. According to Mountain Project, the Glacier Gorge Traverse is rated as 5.7 difficulty and described as very exposed, including summits of Longs Peak (14,259') and Pagoda Mountain (13,497').One typically uses safety equipment while climbing at this grade, though on an extended route like this, it may be less likely – especially when traveling solo as Grunwald was likely doing when an … Maybe we'll meet at the SP gathering this summer. Failure to have the necessary experience, physical conditioning, supplies or equipment can result in injury or death. Follow this trail as it turns to the south toward Green Lake, a small tarn tucked away in the basin below Pagoda and The Spearhead. your a nut, you've been sweeping through these multi-mtn days like its a part time job and making some mindbending times in the process. Marmot72. Open the Williamson, New York topographic map (click on the image below). After looking at the cliff from Pagoda I was able to find a much easier return route which ascends a gulley to the top of the cliff band. Bierstadt. Which mountain on the map is the most complete glacial horn? I assume you'll finish off your bender with a humboldt/kc/peak/needle combo in a day, have fun with that one. Excellent time! Pagoda Peak Possibly the easiest route to Pagoda Peak is from the Ripple Creek Pass trailhead, and the trail to Snell Park. Great photos and route descriptions to boot. Longs Peak Grand Slam Peak Challenge. According to Mountain Project, the Glacier Gorge Traverse is rated as 5.7 difficulty and described as very exposed, including summits of Longs Peak (14,259') and Pagoda Mountain (13,497'). It is unquestionably the monarch of the Front Range and northern Colorado. Mount Elbert. This excellent trip report provided some crucial beta in how to get to Longs from Pagoda, and I printed out the relevant photos and took them with me. Again, Byers was defeated in his attempt to climb Longs Peak… The route is around 17 miles long and 7500 ft of vertical gain. Meeker, Longs Peak, Pagoda, Storm Mountain, and Mount Lady Washington. Now I stumble on it again and see that it was you who took the picture! I have considered doing Longs again this summer by the Loft route and this report clinches it for me. Colorado, US "Climbing Longs and its four buttress peaks in one day is a five-peak project that will stir sturdy souls" - Gerry Roach "The route includes summiting Mt. Download Agreement, Release, and Acknowledgement of Risk: Way to nip the boredom in the bud! have to say that I'm really impressed with this route. Added: 07/27/2020. I printed it, cut it out and placed it in my scrapbook of mountain pictures. Longs Peak: Loft (with Meeker, Pagoda, and Storm) Peaks: Meeker, Longs, Pagoda, and Storm (Front Range) Date Climbed: Sunday July 29, 2007 Group: Solo Route: Loft to Meeker, Clarks Arrow to Longs, Longs to Pagoda, Trough to Keyhole to Storm and out With my hiking partner marmotman on a vacation in Yellowstone, I found myself sitting in Boulder, bored and anxious to do some hiking. What is the specific glacial landform name of the type of ridge that runs between Longs Peak and Pagoda Mountain, and (same type of ridge) between Longs Peak and Storm Peak? > Estes Cone (in that order). As you move from left to right at the left edge of the photo, the Keyhole is the first very small notch in the ridge on Longs left skyline. I can‘t wait to back in the hills after looking at this. View from camp: Pagoda Mountain, Longs Peak, Mount Meeker.